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Dr. Deepti Parwani

Dr Deepak Parwani


I understand that nobody 'wants' to visit a dentist, even when they’re in pain. At My Gentle Dentist, my goal is to provide a quick, painless experience that makes every visitor feel calm and comfortable from start to finish. 

I along with my team work hard to eliminate anxieties and create a relaxing and friendly environment. During your visit, we listen closely to understand your needs and concerns, explain procedures in detail and provide options to suit your budget. The result is delighted patients who continue to leave glowing five star reviews on Whitecoat.com and our website or social media page.

Our gentle, caring approach — along with the latest use technological advanced equipments and over 16 years of experience will surely help us catapult into a leading dentist in Arana Hills that families, busy professionals, GPs and even fellow dentists turn to and trust upon.

Dr Deepti Parwani


I am more of available for general dental work including crown and bridge, Invisalign, root canal treatment and kids’ dental treatment. At My Gentle Dentist in Arana Hills I am here supporting my husband Deepak and helping patients feel calm and relaxed.

As a mother, I’ve been told that I have a kind, gentle, softly spoken and caring nature that puts even the most anxious patients at ease, especially younger children.

Between me and the rest of the team, we’ve got plenty of patience and there’s never any rush to get you in or out of the chair. We’re here to help you feel good about visiting the dentist and leaving our clinic with a beautiful smile that will brighten up everyone’s day, especially yours!

Dr. Deepak Parwani
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