Braces / Orthodontic Treatment


Early Orthodontic Treatment May Eliminate the Need for Other More Complex Medical and Dental Treatment in the Future

Braces / Orthodontic Treatment Overview

“Early Orthodontic treatment may eliminate the need for other more complex medical and dental treatment in the future”

The physical and psychological benefits last a lifetime…


  • Orthodontics one of the best investments in healthcare and quality of life.

And Now You Can Get Your Best Smile with:

  • Invisalign, and
  • Clear Correct.

Both are your clear alternative to braces and have:

  • Incredible before and after results
  • An Invisible Treatment Process
  • Improved Comfort
  • Removable aligners
  • Ease of Hygiene
  • Affordable Costs

Orthodontic problems can contribute to:

  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth loss, and
  • Not very nice looking teeth.

An incorrect bite may cause abnormal wear of tooth surfaces, difficulty in chewing and/or speaking, excess stress on supporting bone and gum tissue, and possible jaw joint problems.

Orthodontic problems, if left untreated, may have an adverse social or psychological problem impact.

Untreated orthodontic problems can become worse over time, requiring more extensive treatment in the future.

Orthodontic treatment to correct a problem early may prove less costly than the additional dental care required to treat the more serious problems that can develop in later years.

Therefore, do not hesitate to…

Kids Orthodontic Treatment


Does your child show any of these symptoms?

  • Snores or Breathe heavily while sleeping
  • Keeps their mouth open while sleeping
  • Wake up Tired / Clenches his/her teeth in sleep
  • Constantly wet the bed
  • Has sore jaws / complaints of headaches after waking up
  • Has Teeth in upper jaw sitting behind lower teeth in biting position
  • Has crowded baby teeth
  • Has crowded permanent teeth
  • Has permanent teeth in DELAYED ERUPTION state. Not yet come through after a baby tooth has been gone for a while.

If your child shows any of these symptoms, Please See Us…

We can help you and your child help improve above situations through orthodontics.

Our Early Intervention Philosophy

My Gentle Dentist Arana Hills believe in EARLY INTERVENTION PHILOSPHY and believe a problem is better solved when it is small….

We would love to help your child ….Achieve his/her maximum genetic potential in terms of facial growth which will positively affect their overall personality as they grow

We Do:

  1. Functional appliances that aid in Upper and Lower Arch development.
  1. Retain proper arch shape and form until they transform into Braces for proper alignment of their teeth.
  1. Braces when they are ready to achieve a proper shape and form of upper and lower arches.

4. Retention after Braces treatment have finished to make sure the desired result is retained for long term benefit of our patient.

The Benefits of Orthodontics for Children

  • Influences growth of the jaws in a positive manner
  • Improves width of the dental arches
  • Prevents injury to protruded front teeth
  • Prevents the need for jaw and facial surgery
  • Prevents the need to extract permanent teeth
  • Corrects harmful oral habits
  • Improves self-esteem and confidence relating to dental and facial appearance
  • Simplifies and shortens treatment time for any future treatment
  • Prevents the impaction of permanent teeth
  • Improves breathing and airways
  • Improves speech development
  • Improves chewing and swallowing
  • Guides permanent teeth into more favourable positions
  • Improves lip closure
  • Preserves or gain space for erupting permanent teeth
  • Reduces damage and strain to muscle/jaw joints
  • Improves ability to maintain good oral hygiene
  • Guides facial growth for a more attractive profile
  • Aids in optimizing other dental treatment

Adult Orthodontics

Why Do Some Adults Need Orthodontic Treatment?

There are a number of reasons why an adult might have crooked teeth or a bad bite and choose to have orthodontic treatment.

Prolonged habits during childhood, such as biting your lips or sucking your thumb can cause the front teeth to become misaligned, people who have had orthodontic treatment as a child and haven’t worn their retainers as instructed may require further orthodontic treatment as an adult.

Who Is Orthodontic Treatment Suitable for?

Orthodontic treatment is an option for most adults with crooked teeth or uneven bites, just as it is for children and teenagers.

Some of the most common situations where orthodontic treatment might be considered in adults are:

  • Crowded, crooked or misplaced teeth
  • Protruding teeth (overbites)
  • Underbites
  • Deep bites
  • Open Bites
  • Jaw and/or facial asymmetry
  • Excessive spacing between the teeth
  • Realignment of the teeth prior to the placement of veneers, crowns, implants or even dentures.

What are the Benefits of Orthodontics for Adults?

  • Improves facial balance and aesthetics
  • Broader and more aesthetic smiles
  • Fuller, better supported lips
  • Better function and improved chewing, speaking and lip closure
  • Eliminates excessive wear of the teeth
  • Better long-term health of gums and teeth
  • Prevents injury to protruded front teeth
  • Easier to maintain a high standard of oral hygiene
  • Optimizes other dental treatment
  • Eliminates the need to replace missing teeth

Your Clear Alternative to Braces

“Braces-less Orthodontics / Invisible Orthodontics”

Invisalign (Option 1)

You can exude confidence with Invisalign treatment – the clear and virtually invisible solution for straightening your teeth.

Watch this video to your right now to quickly learn more about Invisalign and how Invisalign has delivered over 6 million satisfied smiles Worldwide.

Invisalign Has 8 Main Benefits:

1. Invisible Appearance
2. Comfort
3. Improved Cleanliness
4. Saves Time
5. Safe and Removable
6. Eat Whatever You Want
7. Better Dental Health
8. Beautifully Straight Teeth

My Gentle Dentist is a Certified Provider of Invisalign and will discuss this option with you.

To help build your removable aligners for your Invisalign treatment, we use a sophisticated iTero imaging system to scan your teeth rather than using outdated impressions processes that cause patients to gag.

With the iTero scanning system, patients can avoid the traumatic and stressful impression-taking procedures that can occur with traditional methods, which can cause much discomfort and unpleasant gag reflex.

iTero offers precision imaging that enhances accuracy and improves the final outcome without the mess. Where traditional impressions can bubble, tear or distort, iTero eliminates these physical flaws.

You can feel confident knowing that your Invisalign treatment will be designed to comfortably and precisely fit your teeth for incredible results.

Before & After Invisalign Treatment

ClearCorrect (Option 2)

You deserve a smile you can be proud of and ClearCorrect can make it happen.

Watch this video to your right now to quickly learn more about ClearCorrect.

If you are not completely happy with your smile, but are not a big fan of metal braces, clear aligners might be just the thing for you.

Straighter teeth do not just look better; they work better too.

Poorly-aligned teeth can interfere with bite function, can wear out faster, and are more prone to cavities.

And once you have got a smile you love; you may just find you cannot help but show it off.

Ask My Gentle Dentist if ClearCorrect is right for you and start smiling with confidence!

Orthodontics FAQ

What are Some Common Orthodontic Problems?

Excessive Spacing


Open Bite

Overbite (Deep Bite)



Overjet (Protrusion)

Abnormal Eruption

Does Orthodontic Treatment Hurt?

New techniques and materials today have made orthodontic treatment more comfortable than ever.

Discomfort, if any, is temporary and can easily be managed using over the counter analgesics.

How Long Does Orthodontic Treatment Take?

Although every case is different, on average treatment can take up to from one to two years.

Orthodontic treatment times vary with factors that include the severity of the problem being corrected and how well the patient follows the dentist’s instructions.

Before & After Orthodontics Treatment

How Long Does Orthodontic Treatment Involve?

To achieve the desired result, it is a combined effort between both Dentist and patient.

The patients must diligently follow the Dentist’s instructions.

This teamwork approach is essential for success.

How Much Does Treatment Cost?

The cost of orthodontic treatment depends on many factors including:

  • The severity of the problem
  • Its complexity, and
  • Length of treatment.

Your Dentist will be glad to discuss fees with you before treatment begins and organise a payment option that best suits you. Many patients find that orthodontic treatment is more affordable today than ever.

Many Patients Find Orthodontic Treatment is More Affordable than Ever

My Gentle Dentist are Your Braces / Orthodontic Treatment Experts

The physical and psychological benefits last a lifetime, making orthodontics one of the best investments in healthcare and quality of life.

Does your child show any of these symptoms?

  • My Gentle Dentist are your highly experienced Dentists with over 30 years combined experience.
  • My Gentle Dentist are committed to providing you with quick, safe and effective braces / orthodontic treatment in a clean and comfortable environment.
  • My Gentle Dentist do hundreds of braces / orthodontic treatments each year, relieving pain and making teeth healthy again.

Before & After Kids Orthodontics Treatment

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