Our Story

“From Humble Beginnings”

“To 4 Services Providers”

“To 11 Staff in Just 7 Months”

The Beginning of My Gentle Dentist (June 2019)

Dr. Deepak and Dr. Deepti Parwani founded My Gentle Dentist in June 2019 and only had One Vision in mind for My Gentle Dentist, and that is:

Putting all Patient’s Best Interests First.

My Gentle Dentist (like many businesses) started from humble beginnings with 4 service providers

By the month of December 2019 My Gentle Dentist grew into a 11-member team within 7 very busy yet rewarding months.

The 3 reasons for our rapid growth are:

  1. We always apply our professional expertise to best suit our patient’s needs.
  1. We take into consideration all factors when we recommend a certain treatment plan to our patient as we believe in…
    Tailored Solutions
    Not “One Size fits all” solutions.
  2. We believe in explaining everything to our patients before we proceed with a certain treatment and educate our patients so that they participate in decision making of “their own” treatment rather than imposing our decisions on them.

My Gentle Dentist Today (2020 and Beyond)

My Gentle Dentist has grown to become the:

  • Leading
  • Accredited, and
  • Trusted

Dental Practice that individuals, families and busy professionals can always count upon in Arana Hills and greater Brisbane.

The 5 main reasons why our patients continue to choose us are:

  1. Clinical Excellence
  2. Leading Technology
  3. Affordable Treatment Costs
  4. Customised Treatment Options
  5. 100% Patient Care & Comfort.

At My Gentle Dentist…

You are our priority. Simple.

Ready to Experience the My Gentle Dentist Difference??

Our Dental Treatments

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Emergency Dental


Routine Checkup & Clean


Kids Dental


Dental Implants



Dental Fillings



Tooth Extraction



Wisdom Tooth Surgery



Cosmetic Treatment



Root Canal


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Happy Gas



Braces / Orthodontic Treatment


Complete / Partial Dentures


Gum Disease Treatment

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Clinical Excellence.

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